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I help women and men build lower body strength, postural alignment and find confidence in their bodies through training and goal achievement.

My Mission

Let's face it. Fitness isn't always fun. 

Have you ever gone to a class or a gym and felt like you don't belong? 

I'm here to change that.

I make working out fun, connected and accessible. I come to your home, provide all equipment and a music playlist. I customize a program to your needs and goals. I hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and am always affordable. I help show you how to be the best in your body, so you can be your best in life.

I believe customized fitness and knowledge of the body should be accessible to everyone.  I understand that time and financial expenses are the two biggest hindrances of that. 

I'm breaking that barrier.

I often see clients in group fitness classes or at the gym performing exercises that don't serve their bodies. I want you to know what will help you, and what will hinder. 

At-home personal training can cost anywhere from $75-$200 PER SESSION! The average working person cannot afford that. 

I believe everyone should have a trainer to guide them through their fitness journey. 

That’s why I will always be affordable and offer special rates for semi-privates (2 people), students and seniors.  

What I do

I am the creator of  the Booty by Rudi Method. I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, the most acclaimed certification in the industry. I am also a coach at Studio in the Heights, Hudson Pilates and Grassroots Fitness Project.


I have a background in dance, have been trained and certified in Barre, High Intensity Interval Training, TRX, Battle Ropes, SLT Pilates Megaformer Method and 

Strength Training with a focus on Women's Strength.


I've been teaching fitness since 2016.

What is Booty By Rudi?

Booty By Rudi is a ballet and pilates inspired, total body, cardio and strengthening workout that lifts your booty and tones your thighs, abs, and arms to create a longer, leaner, and more graceful body. This workout focuses on proper alignment to help you stand taller, feel stronger and even help aid in injury prevention.


Dancers and non-dancers alike can greatly benefit from this workout! It serves as an excellent compliment to any fitness regiment. It's been lovingly deemed the 'Boot Camp of Barre',. However it's very customizable and is truly for anyone!


This method can come to your home, be done outdoors in a park, or you can attend a group class in NYC! 


Private Pricing


Live Classes at
Studio in the Heights

Live group classes take place at  Studio in the Heights on Wednesday 6:45pm & 8pm, Friday 5:30pm and Sunday 10:45am.

First class free!

Live Classes at 
Hudson Pilates

Live group classes take place at  Hudson Pilates on Thursdays at 7pm.

$20 mat drop in rate.

Booty by Rudi is a super fun way to get your cardio on while working your legs, butt & core. Tiffany's classes are energetic & motivating. My booty and thighs have never looked better! 

-Rena W.

I have been a barre “groupie “ since my very first barre class with Tiffany over a year ago. Tiffany has this way of energizing you, motivating you and leaving you wanting more. I loved the way she made me feel during an hour workout, with her silly jokes and her smile in the mirror that says 'you can do this'. I saw changes in my body almost immediately. I saw changes in my confidence even faster. I can’t wait to see her streaming barre class. She not only sculpts her clients physically but emotionally which to me is hard to ever replicate! Tiffany is truly one of my favorite instructors! 

-Brenda A.

Not only are Tiffany’s barre classes a booty shaking good time but they are also challenging and FUN. Her instructions are excellent and her enthusiasm helps you to find your inner grit to push through the tough stuff all while she emphasizes good form and outer grace. When a move is just beyond reach, Tiffany gives great tips on modifications.

Also - her playlists kick ass! 

-Sally G.

Booty by Rudi is one of the best workouts I've done! Tiffany is an amazing instructor and great motivator!! Just when you think you can't continue she has the perfect way to encourage you through. I always feel great afterwards, my muscles feel tighter and stronger. It's not just exercise, it's like a therapy session for my butt, legs and hips!! 

-Laura C.

Tiffany's class is a true highlight of my week. In only one hour, Tiffany delivers an awesome, well-rounded, booty-kickin' workout that is actually FUN. She does it all with loads of knowledge about the body, peppiness, humor, and sweetness. Tiffany cultivates a feeling of community, so you leave with toned muscles, endorphins, AND new friends. 

-Sarah Z.

Tiffany is IT!!! She has charisma, passion and she is very very precise- she’s my favorite hands down. She has a way of connecting with people and making everything fun. You don’t even realize how hard you’re working!!

A gem!

-Tecla S.

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