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Recognized as one of the top fitness professionals in Washington Heights NYC, I have helped my clients safely and effectively reach their goals. My personalized training programing and 3 ways of working with me mean there's something for everyone. I offer flexible training options, at my studio in NYC or online. Email me for a consultation to find clarity on the right fit for you. 



I help women get a toned dancer's body and lift like a badass. I've helped dozens of clients build lower body strength, postural alignment and find confidence in their bodies through training and goal achievement to finally have a body they love when they look in the mirror.

I'm a Performer turned Personal Trainer who has a passion for investing in her clients and ensuring they succeed. I'm high energy, with attention to detail who will always be a motivating presence in our session.

I believe customized fitness and knowledge of the body should be accessible to everyone.  I understand that time and consistency are the two biggest hindrances of that. 

I'm breaking that barrier.

I believe everyone should have a trainer to guide them through their fitness journey. 

There are 3 ways of working with me, so no matter your budget, you can get specialized training. 

  • Group Live Virtual Classes

  • Small Group Programs

  • Personal Training 

Try a free Booty By Rudi Community class every Wednesday at 2pm EST, Virtually. Sign up ASAP, space is limited.



The Booty By Rudi Empowerment Program is a 5 week accountability and workout regimen to lean and tone your body and to be your best badass self.

This is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to have and sustain your strongest body

  • Create consistency in your workout regimen to have more energy daily 

  • Build strength and muscle tone while in quarantine with minimal equipment 

  • Set goals and take steps to achieve them 

  • Make physical health a priority, reduce anxiety and ground yourself in good habits

This Program is not for you if

  • You only care about dropping a ton of weight quickly and yo-yoing back after

  • You’re not ready to work hard and learn how to safely strength train

  • You’re not ready to be vulnerable and uncover what’s holding you back from your ideal body

  • You won’t take the steps to make yourself a priority 

This program includes:

  • 4 individual programs per week

  • 1 Signature Live Virtual Booty By Rudi group class per week

  • Videos on how to perform the exercises with excellent form

  • Facebook group for accountability & support

  • Webinar on planning your weekly regiment

  • Masterclass on how to change the mindset from train to eat -> eat to train

  • Bonus group coaching: mindset around food, stress and making your health a priority. 

*By the time this program is done, you’ll have 20 different workouts you can do at home that you’ve mastered.



Find Your Fit


Barre One-On-One

Want a low impact, core strengthening workout with a focus on postural alignment? Looking to rehab an old injury, stand taller, or feel less pain at work and in life? This Level is designed just for you! Think of a group class in a one on one setting with more personalized attention. We'll work through an organized format designed to target your glutes, abdominals, upper body, postural and stabilizing muscles.

This format earned me the title of Best Barre Class in Manhattan by ClassPass in 2019.

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 Strength + Barre Blend

Barre blended with strength training. This unique program is for those who want to step safely into strength training. Adding load and taking on weight lifting combined with barre will help you gain strength while still protecting your joints and avoiding injury. We will work on Mobility, Flexibility, Stability, and Isometrics in conjunction with adding a heavier load and multi-joint moves. 

On this level you receive personalized programming in a safe and effective manner.


Goal Oriented Training

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? To feel strong throughout life and have the results you've always dreamed of? With a program that's systematically designed for you and your goals, you'll be equipped with the tools you need to finally get there! Whether your goals are to tone up, build muscle, lose weight or work on maximum strength, this level is what you're looking for!

In this level you'll receive personalized programming and a progress log.

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Hear What Others Have to Say


I've been working with Tiffany for about 8 months now. I first started taking her Barre class and then added personal training sessions with her.  She is amazing - so perceptive about what your body needs and totally tailors your sessions to that. I think the biggest change I've had in working with her is going from barely making it to our sessions to hating when I have to miss.  She's definitely turned my health around!

Maryann G.


Join The Community



Wednesday's at 2pm EST

"Although virtual, Tiffany really made it feel like we were still in an in-person class setting!"
-Client from a Signature Booty By Rudi class.

Born out of my clients' need for an outlet to escape the chaos of the Coronavirus, move their bodies and boost endorphins, I now offer a free LIVE virtual community classes and full LIVE signature classes every week, open to all levels. Through giving back, I find peace and happiness. I will continue to share it with you. 

Class is aproximately 50 minutes, including introduction and closing. You don’t need any equipment, however a yoga mat and a chair/desk/something to lean on might be helpful.

This is a great introduction to my signature Booty By Rudi class.

Grip Socks Recommended. 


Monday's 9:30am
Tuesday's 9:30am
Thursday's 12pm
Friday's 2pm

Recommended for those who've taken at least one live or virtual class. This class is 1 hour. Bands, light weights, yoga blocks, pilates ball and a small towel are a plus, but not necessary. You can also use a towel/belt, two 16oz cans of anything.



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