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Helping Millennial Moms Lose 10-20lbs, get strong and feel like a confident badass in a bikini in 90 days without giving up wine or having going to the gym. 

Rated #1 Instructor in Manhattan 2019 by ClassPass

Tiffany Rudi, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, helps busy women get out of frustration with their body and become lean and strong with kettlebells, strength training and nutrition made simple in under 3 hours a week!

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I’m Emilia and I’m here to help you grow your Hairstyling business to a success!

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Hi! I'm Tiffany Rudi, and I've helped dozens of clients build a toned body and train like a badass. I used to do random barre, pilates and HIIT classes while restrictive dieting. My body yo-yo’d for years and I felt completely frustrated. Then I found KB’s and strength training and learned how focusing on getting STRONG made my body transform, so I invested in a training program to become lean and strong AF. Now I help other women do the same. Ditch fad diets and random workouts to lose body fat, become lean, strong and powerful! 

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 "I felt like I was trying for 10 years to get back to a certain point, and in 4 months you helped me get there faster than I could in 10 years!"


Sarah I

Kettlebell SNATCHED!

A 10-Week Online Group program to get lean, strong and badass through Kettlebell & Nutrition coaching from your own home!

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1:1 Training

A tailored approach to training that will get you to your goals in under 3 hours a week so you can get lean, strong, and stay consistent in your health and fitness for the long-term. 

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