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Recognized as one of the top fitness professionals in Washington Heights NYC, I have helped my clients safely and effectively reach their goals. My personalized training programing and leveled approach means there's something for everyone.



I help men and women build lower body strength, postural alignment and find confidence in their bodies through training and goal achievement.

I believe customized fitness and knowledge of the body should be accessible to everyone.  I understand that time and financial expenses are the two biggest hindrances of that. 

I'm breaking that barrier.

At-home personal training can cost anywhere from $100-$300 PER SESSION! The average working person cannot afford that. 

I believe everyone should have a trainer to guide them through their fitness journey. 

That’s why I will always be affordable and offer a 10% discount for semi-privates (2 people), and a discounted rate for students and seniors.



Find Your Fit


Barre One-On-One

Want a low impact, core strengthening workout with a focus on postural alignment? Looking to rehab an old injury, stand taller, or feel less pain at work and in life? This Level is designed just for you! Think of a group class in a one on one setting with more personalized attention. We'll work through an organized format designed to target your glutes, abdominals, upper body, postural and stabilizing muscles.

This format earned me the title of Best Barre Class in Manhattan by ClassPass in 2019.

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 Strength + Barre Blend

Barre blended with strength training. This unique program is for those who want to step safely into strength training. Adding load and taking on weight lifting combined with barre will help you gain strength while still protecting your joints and avoiding injury. We will work on Mobility, Flexibility, Stability, and Isometrics in conjunction with adding a heavier load and multi-joint moves. 

On this level you receive personalized programming in a safe and effective manner.


Goal Oriented Training

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? To feel strong throughout life and have the results you've always dreamed of? With a program that's systematically designed for you and your goals, you'll be equipped with the tools you need to finally get there! Whether your goals are to tone up, build muscle, lose weight or work on maximum strength, this level is what you're looking for!

In this level you'll receive personalized programming, a progress log, and access to Skype sessions at a discounted rate of $30/hr.

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The Goal Acheivment Program
Training + Accountability = Success

This is unlike any program you've ever seen. Are you tired of feeling like you're swimming up stream? No matter where you turn, do temptation and obstacles stand in the way of you achieving your health and fitness goals? I know how you feel. I've been there and I know what it takes to get you to the place you deserve to be. 

Thats why I created the Goal Achievement Program, and It's the same one I use to hold myself accountable.

This program requires a 3 hour per week minimum commitment of 2 in-person trainings of any Level, and 1 hour weekly Skype/Facetime check in. 

This is a 3 month commitment to completely change your life and exists for those who truly are ready for change. 

With this program you'll receive the following perks: 

preferred time slots, personalized programming, exercise log, online videos, and 5% off discount for 6 months on training going forward. You will also have access to me for support through phone call or text 7 days a week 8am-9pm for those times when you feel like you're struggling the most. 

Space is limited. I only have ONE SPOT open for this program! Email me now to make a change. 




Barre One-On-One

Individualized attention


Barre + Strength

Individualized attention
Personalized programming
Introduction to strength training


Goal Oriented Training

Individualized attention
Personalized programming
I.e. Strength training, Exercise correction, Weight loss, Mobility, Athletic training
Exercise log
Discounted Skype sessions at $30


Goal Achieving Program

All the perks of Level 3


3 month commitment to achieve your goal

2 x's per week training minimum

1 time per week goal setting and accountability


5% discount for 6 months on further training

Access to me via txt/call Monday-Sunday 7am-10pm

Preferred Time Slots


I've been working with Tiffany for about 8 months now. I first started taking her Barre class and then added personal training sessions with her.  She is amazing - so perceptive about what your body needs and totally tailors your sessions to that. I think the biggest change I've had in working with her is going from barely making it to our sessions to hating when I have to miss.  She's definitely turned my health around!

Maryann G. Level 1



Join The Community

Thursday's 6:45-7:45pm


Booty By Rudi is a ballet and pilates inspired, total body, cardio and strengthening workout that lifts your booty and tones your thighs, abs, and arms to create a longer, leaner, and more graceful body. This workout focuses on proper alignment to help you stand taller, feel stronger and even help aid in injury prevention. 
Dancers and non-dancers alike can greatly benefit from this workout! It serves as an excellent compliment to any fitness regiment. It's been lovingly deemed the 'Boot Camp of Barre',. However it's very customizable and is truly for anyone!
Grip Socks Recommended. $20 Mat Class drop in rate.

Wednesday's 6:45pm 
Friday's 5:30pm
Sunday's 10:45am


This non-impact total body workout lifts your booty and tones your thighs, abs, and arms to create a longer, leaner, and more graceful body. No dance experience necessary in this high-energy ballet-infused class that integrates muscle-shaping isometrics and short cardio bursts to quickly and safely reshape your entire body utilizing the body barre, balls, resistance bands and light weights. You'll work muscles you didn't know you had, feeling the burn and toning your entire body. First Class Free!

Wednesday's 8:15 am


Is an intense, time-efficient and effective workout that will change your body. This program is creatively designed, integrating body weight exercises, the TRX, and Sandbells into a high intensity interval program that will build strength, burn fat, increase metabolism, and improve overall fitness. Classes are exclusive, a maximum of ten people per class. The dynamics of small group training allows for individualized instruction and provides greater motivation in a friendly competitive environment. All fitness levels are welcome. First Class Free!

Wednesday's 9:30am


Get back to basics and develop your fitness fundamentals! This class develops functional strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and core strength. We cover all the bases to ensure physical performance improvement and injury reduction. Open to all fitness levels. First Class Free!