The Balanced Booty Program 

This program is a 6-week group private training program designed to create consistency, find confidence through strength and create a beautiful physique through exercise, mindset shifts and optional nutritional support.

Why this program exists

I was up and down with my goals for years until I figured it all out. I knew what I saw in the mirror didn’t reflect ME. I saw so many other friends and fitness professionals not struggling, and I couldn't understand why it was so hard for me. The lack of confidence because of my body effected my career and relationships detrimentally. I knew how to lose weight and tone up quickly, but couldn't figure out how to make it last. I just assumed that being consistently happy with my body just wasn't in my DNA, but I was wrong. 

Then I finally got it! I began working in the fitness industry and experimented with different workouts. I learned how to get my body STRONG. I learned how to maintain tone and avoid injury. I was finally feeling good. Then I focused on my nutrition goals, and that took me past my final plateau. I learned that showing up and looking someone in the face is the biggest game changer. The NUMBER ONE thing I learned how to do was to  set attainable and realistic goals that I could achieve, with guidance.

See, the thing that you don't realize is the fitness industry isn't designed to give you results, they want to keep you un-happy and confused so you to yo-yo diet and try every fad to keep you coming back.


Today, I can give you the tools that took me YEARS to learn. I help you balance your goals realistically so you can finally have a body you love and feel great in it. I've helped dozens of women, no matter their fitness level or goal. Yes, you can make this an enjoyable lifestyle. My clients have never been happier with thier body, and thank me for helping them take back control of thier health in a realistic and sustainable way.

If you've ever had a hard time breaking past excuses and juggling life, time and finances to get the healthy body you deserve

I hear you, and I want to know you.

Why should I choose a group program?

In a group program, you'll have a community for support. A supportive environment will be created so you're held accountable and have better results. You'll show up not only for you, but your group. Your energy will fuel others-as they fuel yours!

This program is for you if:

✔️ You struggle with consistency and motivation

✔️ You have a hard time focusing your goals or finding specific and achievable goals

✔️ You'd like to learn how to create balance in both your body, mind, and nutrition

✔️ You have limited time and need something flexible, fun, and effective

✔️ Are tired of the 'diet' mentality and want to release toxic expectations that hold you back from achieving your ideal health

✔️ You want to LOVE your body at any stage and age

This program is NOT for you if:

❌ You only care about what you look like, and want a crash course to drop 10lbs in a short period

❌ You don't care about creating true change and beginning a journey to consistency and self love

❌ If you aren't willing to put in 30 minutes per day to better yourself

❌ Want to limit or restrict yourself

❌ Aren't willing to develop self love and potentially face the root cause of why you've been feeling stuck in the same spot

What’s included:

  • 4 simple, fun and effective 30 minute workout for per week that are modifiable for you, with or without equipment.

  • Optional add ons if you want to jumpstart your goals.

  • Nutrition guidelines  to help you support the work your body will do.

  • A masterclasses on mindset, nutrition, making your health a priority to achieve a beautiful relationship with yourself.

  • Drills to help you pinpoint low-stress, achievable goals that will motivate you to continue down your path. 

  • Check-ins for consistency, questions or just vent-sessions.

  • Private facebook group for accountability, community and positive energy!

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