The Booty By Rudi Empowerment Program is a 6 week accountability and workout regimen to lean and tone your body and to be your best badass self.

This is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to have and sustain your strongest body

  • Create consistency in your workout regimen to have more energy daily 

  • Build strength and muscle tone while in quarantine with minimal equipment 

  • Set goals and take steps to achieve them 

  • Make physical health a priority, reduce anxiety and ground yourself in good habits

This Program is not for you if

  • You only care about dropping a ton of weight quickly and yo-yoing back after

  • You’re not ready to work hard and learn how to safely strength train

  • You’re not ready to be vulnerable and uncover what’s holding you back from your ideal body

  • You won’t take the steps to make yourself a priority 

This program includes:

  • 4 individual programs per week

  • 1 Signature Live Virtual Booty By Rudi group class per week

  • Videos on how to perform the exercises with excellent form

  • Facebook group for accountability & support

  • Webinar on planning your weekly regiment

  • Masterclass on how to change the mindset from train to eat -> eat to train

  • Bonus group coaching: mindset around food, stress and making your health a priority. 

*By the time this program is done, you’ll have 20 different workouts you can do at home that you’ve mastered.