Get the most out of Virtual Training

Oct 12, 2022

Beginning a virtual training program can be an excellent way to get on and stay on an exercise program. It's time saving, you can work with any trainer anywhere in the world, and you don't have to cram into a sweaty gym space with annoying gym bros! lol

But training at home can have it's hurdles too which is why I've created this list of ways you can better set yourself up for success when beginning a virtual training program at home.

Tip #1: Try and dedicate a small space for just working out.

Rather than laying out a mat every time you workout and pulling weights out of your closet, have a dedicated space where your equipment lives. This way it takes up importance in your living space rather than an afterthought. Just like the bedroom is for sleeping, the kitchen is for eating, a small room, basement or corner of your living room can be for workouts!

Tip #2: Connect your computer to a larger screen or TV with an HDMI cable

 If you have a small computer or have trouble seeing clearly, this one is so important! Purchase an HDMI cable like this so you can see your coach and/or classmates clearly! Need more help? Watch this.

Tip #3: Get a wide view webcam.

 This will help me or your coach better see you clearly! This is the one I use. It's affordable and I've had it for about 3 years now! Be sure to give your coach a profile view or a slight angled view. This way we can see everything we need to! Place your camera hip height and 6-8 feet away if you can!

Tip #4: Get bluetooth headphones

If you have a loud and crazy household with kids or pets running around- this one is amazing! No one will shame you for wanting to tune them out- I promise 😜 I personally use Apple Airpods Gen2, but find what works for you!

Tip #5: Being early is being on time. 

Lame tip- I know, but hear me out. Sometimes Zoom updates last minute, sometimes your computer decides to do a software update, Wifi is delayed, or even at times you lose the session link right as the session is about to start. Now you're waiting on your computer, scrambling through emails and rushing on 5 minutes after everyone's started in a fluster. Don't be this person. Give yourself 5-10 mins prior to get ready. Get your mind focused, and be sure all tech is ready to go. Tell your kids to leave you alone-lol. This next 30-60 mins is for you!

If you're ready to try virtual training, I offer 1:1 and group training programs to clients all over the US and Canada. I specialize in helping women get lean, strong and badass with Kettlebell, Strength training and nutrition coaching. Join us! Check out my site for more info to see if i'm the right coach for you!

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