Frequently Asked Questions

What is Booty By Rudi?

Booty By Rudi is a virtual fitness studio created by retired Broadway touring performer and personal trainer, Tiffany Rudi. Booty By Rudi offers LIVESTREAM Barre, Booty Call (30 minute mat class) and Barre + Strength classes as well as a free weekly introduction class for new clients every Wednesday at 2pm EST. Her classes are offered for all fitness levels, no matter your experience. Tiffany also offers Personal Training and small group training programs either virtually or in her studio in NYC by application only. Her classes bring a whole new experience to virtual fitness. Tiffany’s studio has the highest upgrade of internet so the video RARELY cuts out. She has mastered the music vs. voice levels, both are clear and at a good level for you to enjoy class. She’s known for keeping the in person feel, even virtually with her excellent form cues. She not only knows your name, but will probably know your dog's, cat's or kiddo's name too. Clients love her coaching style because she’s motivating, high energy and has a keen attention to details. You won't lose motivation in these classes! The video is coming through a 1080p wide view webcam that's crystal clear. Multiple views of movement will be shown, so you have no doubt what it is you should be doing! On the other end? You’re on a 55'' monitor. You’re seen so you know your class will be safe and successful!

How do I prepare for my first Booty By Rudi class?

Here’s how to Livestream! Register for your class ahead of time on our website under Book Livestream. You must register at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of class. From there, download or update ZOOM to your tablet, computer or phone! Setting up Zoom If you will be on a computer that is using Zoom for the first time, give yourself 10 minutes before the class to click on the link and to follow the prompts to download the software. Joining Online after Signing up If you have used Zoom on your device, it’s easy to click our email link at the appropriate class time. If you have never used Zoom before, it is quite easy to get set up once you click the class link. Please make sure that your Zoom name is easily recognizable for us and matches the name on your MINDBODY profile. Otherwise, we may not know that you have registered officially for the class! That name will pop up in the window when you use Zoom. Here is a demo that takes you through the steps of joining a Zoom meeting. During the Class You will be on camera so that the teacher can see you and keep an eye on the form. If for any reason you do not want to be on camera, it is possible to turn the video off on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, but this will mean the teacher is not able to speak to you personally. You will need to position your camera so you can be seen. Troubleshooting Remember, if you are on a phone or tablet that is using Zoom for the first time, you will need to download the Zoom app. Search in your apps for Zoom Cloud Meetings and make sure the app icon looks like a white video camera on a blue background. The camera faces to the right. Here is a demo if you are having trouble with getting your audio or video working.

What if I'm late to class?

Booty By Rudi has a 10 minute grace period on hour long classes and 5 minute grace period on 30 minute classes. If you’re scheduled for a 1:1 training and are running late, you have a 15 minute grace period before you lose the session.

How do I access the recorded classes?

Any recorded classes are available the same day for replay and get deleted overnight. This is with exception to Friday (or the last class of the which is available both Saturday and Sunday! The link gets sent out within an hour after the live class finishes.

What equipment do I need for class?

Any equipment your trainer uses will be optional. If you don't have the specific type of equipment they may be using, no worries - this will still be a great workout for you! Recommended for Barre:

  • ‘Barre’
  • Yoga Mat
  • Resistance Bands or Glute Loops
  • Pilates Ball and/or Yoga Block
  • Sliders/Gliders. This can be a towel or socks for wood floor and tile or a paper plate, tupperware top or folder on carpet.
  • Pair of light weights (1,2 or 3lbs)
  • Water and a Towel
Recommended for Barre + Strength:
  • ‘Barre’
  • Yoga Mat
  • Resistance Bands or Glute Loops
  • Pilates Ball and/or Yoga Block
  • Pair of light weights (1,2 or 3lbs)
  • Pair of heavy Weights (8-30lbs)
  • Water and a Towel
Recommended for Booty Call:
  • Yoga Mat
  • Resistance Bands or Glute Loops
  • Pilates Ball and/or Yoga Block
  • Pair of light weights (1,2 or 3lbs)
  • Water and a Towel

WHAT IS BARRE? Do I need to know how to dance?

Barre is a ballet inspired workout that combines elements of Pilates, Ballet, Yoga, Cardio and Resistance training to get a total body workout. This workout is designed to build postural alignment, tone the body and even aid in weight loss and strength gains. While this is a ballet inspired workout, no prior dance experience is needed!

Is Booty By Rudi Good for Beginners?

Booty By Rudi Offers options for all level exercisers in her Signature Barre and Booty Call Classes!

Can expectant mothers do Booty By Rudi?

It turns out, exercise offers many benefits for pregnant women. As long as you get your doctor’s approval, exercise is something you definitely want to incorporate into your daily routine. In the early stages of your pregnancy, you probably won’t need any modifications. You may need to slow down a bit because of the exhaustion, but your body will likely still do all the things it normally does. By around 20 weeks, you’ll probably need to start modifying. That’s when changes to your body can begin affecting exercise. Your uterus becomes larger and heavier, which can put more strain on other parts of your body. Standing without moving for long periods or lying on your back for longer than a few minutes can be dangerous. They can slow down the return of blood to your heart, which can cause a temporary decrease in blood pressure. Supporting your back or working in a more upright position can relieve that pressure and let you exercise safely. Lying on your stomach is another position that isn’t recommended for pregnancy. It puts too much pressure on your uterus, and it becomes quite difficult as your belly grows. Working on all fours for exercises that normally take place while lying on your stomach or back is an alternative. Here are some tips:

  • Pacing is an important part of listening to your body.
  • Give yourself permission to slow down, make more modifications and do what’s right for your body.
  • Focus on your pacing one day at a time.
  • As you near the second trimester, you might feel your energy coming back.
  • Keeping your heart rate at a reasonable level is crucial.
Another aspect of listening to your body is knowing when something doesn’t feel right. You know the normal burn you feel from a good barre workout. That’s different from a twinge or even a more intense pain that tells you something’s not right. If you notice any unusual symptoms or pains, don’t ignore them. You might need to slow down your pace or end your workout early. Always talk to your doctor if you experience anything unusual or concerning.

What class should I start with?

Start with the free Booty By Rudi Intro class if you’re new to exercise or barre. This will help you get acquainted with the movements and formats we do, and they’re broken down simply so you can understand them. From there, try either a Booty Call class for a shorter matt class or Signature for a full hour long class. If you’re looking to level up and challenge yourself, Barre+Strength is for you! If you’re very new to exercise and/or recovering from injury, you may want to consider 1:1 training to build your strength for classes. Individual programming can be a game changer when it comes to hearing what your body needs, how it should feel, and what exercises are best for you!

What are the basic exercises performed in the Barre?

You’ll find movements such as the Plie, Squat, Lunge, Curtsey Lunge, and even Push ups, Overhead press, and Biceps Curls. All exercises are modifiable to suit your level!

Is Barre considered strength training?

Strength training, also known as resistance training is when you’re working against a load, or weight. Resistance can be added in the form of light weights or resistance bands. If you have these props, you can take your class to the next level! Barre + Strength is designed with a strength focus. If you don’t have weights, we utilize our bodyweight to add resistance!

Is Barre low impact?

The Booty By Rudi Signature and Booty Call classes are low to no-impact. Barre + Strength does utilize plyometrics (jumping movements) but options are given for those who want no impact.

What do people wear for Booty By Rudi?

You can wear athletic clothing that you feel comfortable and confident moving in! Grip socks or bare feet are recommended.

Does Booty By Rudi help with belly fat/How many calories does Booty By Rudi burn?

100% Booty By Rudi can help aid in belly and fat loss. Many clients have experienced this with consistency of 4 times per week. Calorie burn ranges from person to person and class to class. Age, weight, and metabolism all play a factor. You can expect to burn 200-400 Calories.

How often should you do Barre to see results? How do I get better at Barre? Is it OK to do Barre everyday?

You’ll see results from Booty By Rudi in as little as 8-10 classes weeks with Consistency! At least 4 days per week of barre are recommended

Will I be sore from class?

With barre and any other fitness modality, you see and maintain results with consistency. When starting a new fitness regiment, you may experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) for 24-48 hours. As your body adapts, you may not experience doms every workout, and that’s ok. You don’t need to be sore after every workout for it to be a good one!

Does Booty By Rudi build glutes?

It’s in the name, isn't it? There is always a strong emphasis on glute work along with a total body workout. Why is it important to build glutes? More than just aesthetic reasons, glutes help us walk and move better and ensure our bodies are moving properly!

Is Booty By Rudi OK for sensitive knees?

Booty By Rudi Classes, especially the signature and Booty Call classes are rooted in many exercises used by Physical Therapists to rehab injuries, especially our 3 major lower body joints of the hips, knees and ankles. We also work on stability to help in injury prevention. Any injuries will be helped in our classes, as long as you’re aware and listen to your body. Let your instrocuto know of any injuries prior to class so they can give you tips for your best class!

Help! I can't find my link to the class! What am I going to do?

Be sure to add our email address to your contacts. Often times, the emails can be sent to junk/spam or your other folder. If you do not see a link 5 minutes before class, call or text us immediately at (516) 359-7033.

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