Kettlebell SNATCHED!

A 12-Week Group Kettlebell Program with Nutrition Support.

Teaching you how to Ignite your Metabolism, Burn Fat, Get Stronger & become a Kettlebell Badass from your own home. 

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Everyday you felt powerful. You knew exactly how to workout to see results- and those workouts left you feeling like superwoman after! You understood nutrition and how to fuel your body to perform, feel strong, and look incredible. Your body no longer felt complicated. You finally found the freedom to be a total badass in and out of your workouts. 

It's time to change your perspective on your body & mind. YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.

If your workouts are leaving you drained, bored, or inconsistent, this is for you. If you've researched and tried all the diets with yo-yo results, this is for you. If you're scared to learn kettlebells or lift heavy on your own in fear of injury, this is for you. If you're ready to transform your body & mind. 


I wish I had this program for myself years ago!

I know it will change your life, your body & your resiliency. You in?

"I felt like I was trying for 10 years to get back to a certain point, and in 4 months you helped me get there faster than I could in 10 years!" -Sarah I.

"I'm not in pain anymore! When I'm done I feel good and I don't feel terrible the next day. And that's really a revelation because I just always assumed that working out equalled pain- and it doesn't have to" Christine L.

Clients & Testimonials

The Program

  • 3 workouts per week, optional 4th.
  • Access to Educational Modules on Nutrition & Fitness
  • Access to custom Booty by Rudi APP with exercise demos, progress tracking, timers, and nutrition tracking
  • Lifetime access-Bonus

The Coaching

  • 2 live Kettlebell workouts/ week with playback recording
  • 1 Technique Workout per week to safely teach you KB Skills
  • Weekly Check ins with your coach
  • Private ½ Way & end-of-program Check in w/ Tiffany
  • Custom Nutrition Guidance & Support
  • Access to your coach in-app 24/7
  • Unlimited feedback videos-Bonus

The Community

  • End of Program Test out & Celebration
  • Community Group Message Thread & Support
  • Access to Monthly Community Workouts
  • Discount on yearly retreat
  • Custom Group Swag 🙌 - BONUS


Tiffany Rudi is a retired Dancer, Singer and Actor who's been in the fitness industry since 2016. She was honored to be rated #1 Instructor in Manhattan 2019 by ClassPass!

She specializes in getting women lean & strong AF through Kettlebells, Strength Training & Nutrition. 

Her accreditations include: NASM CPT, KBCU Levels 1&2, IBBFA Pre/Post Natal, IIN, AF Level 1. 

We kick off soon!

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